Bring Back Summertime
Jeanne Starr Gater    
Book Review Kathleen Higgins


4.0 out of 5 stars An Inspirational Memoir, October 4, 2011


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This review is from: Bring Back Summertime (Kindle Edition)

What would you do if you got a call from a hospital representative informing you that your loved one was in a car accident? What would you do when you saw that your loved one has life threatening injuries and his/her chances for survival were not that good? Would you buckle under the devastation of the tragedy and question your faith, or would you draw upon your faith and do everything humanly possible to help your loved one recover? These are the things that author Jeanne Starr Gater had to face one Saturday morning on October 1, 1983, when the hospital called to inform her that her husband, Julius aka "Dr J" was involved in a horrifying three-car accident. Bring Back Summertime is Jeanne and Julius' true life story of how love, commitment, strength, hope, determination, faith and the power of prayer lead them on a long journey to Julius' recovery. 

Bring Back Summertime is a memoir written by Jeanne Starr Gater, documenting the devastating accident and long recovery of her beloved husband, Julius aka "Dr J." Jeanne's recounting of this traumatic journey from that Saturday morning on October 1, 1983 to the Summer of 1985 documents the very real experiences that the Gater family went through in order to "bring back summertime," a time that Jeanne states is when you share those special moments and good times ... where happiness and better times will bring back a sense of normalcy to your life. Jeanne's "summertime" is from the classic George Gershwin song Summertime: "Summertime, and the livin' is easy ... fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high. Oh, your daddy's rich and your mamma's good lookin', so hush little baby, don't you cry." 

Bring Back Summertime is an inspirational testimonial to the power of love, faith and prayer. It is one woman's story of incredible strength, determination and sacrifice to get her beloved husband on the road to recovery. Jeanne's story reads like a journal, she takes her readers on an intimate journey, where they get to meet the Gater family and close circle of friends. Jeanne provides a thorough documentation of the medical events, terminology and crises/setbacks that Julius endured during his recovery. Throughout the book, the message that Jeanne shared was prevalent, that through letting go and giving it to God to handle, and through the power of prayer, everything is possible. As a healthcare professional, who has run nursing homes as a Licensed Administrator, I empathized and applaud Jeanne's strong character and determination to carry on during this traumatic journey. She always kept the faith and pushed Dr. J forward, to me, this is the ultimate testament of the power of love. 

If you are looking for an inspirational book to read, Bring Back Summertime is the book for you! 

RATING: 3 STARS *** (My Blog Site Rating - It was a good book

4 STARS **** ( Rating - I "liked" the book

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