Bring Back Summertime
Jeanne Starr Gater    
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Bring Back Summertime 
By Jeanne Starr Gater

When Jeanne Starr Gater picks up the phone one morning, she receives the shock of her life. Her strong, robust, athletic husband, Dr. Julius Gater, is in the hospital! -- comatose, suffering from a stroke, broken bones...Dr. "J" IS DYING!!

A car accident that morning has left her husband unconscious, though still alive and hanging on for dear life!...And it has been a good life -- full of sunshine! Why this! .. Dear GOD! ... Why this?!

She knows she must get to him -- and fast! They had come through too much together. If she gets to the hospital in time, they will come through this awful thing too. But she needs all her resources now. In her inner spirit, she petitions her God for mercy and compassion and strength to bring Dr. "J" back from near death. Next, over time, she contacts her family and friends for their positive thoughts and prayers. She begins her long hard journey to "BRING BACK SUMMERTIME."

Thus begins the remarkable true story of one woman's courage and faith in the face of the bitterest of odds, and one man's miraculous recovery despite doctor's dire predictions. Family, and friends, new and old gather round to offer support, faith and love, as the Gaters' begin their trek back to a normal life. They encounter incredible (and numerous) obstacles from resistant medical personnel and uncooperative rehabilitation staff, to other family misfortunes. Their very survival as a family depends on their determination to hold fast to their hopes and faith.

BRING BACK SUMMERTIME is a soul searching story of a family's struggle for the restoration of physical strength, grace and human dignity. A story that portrays the power and strength of human bonding, prayer and the belief in the power of God to sustain and revive. This family somehow does not allow itself to be thrown even by this devastating accident. They continue their noteworthy accomplishments, as they struggle to deal with the prolonged recovery of Dr. "J". Their story is truly an inspiration to all.

~My thoughts on this book~

The above statements pretty much express everything I have to say. I was moved to tears at times, and strongly admire the author and her family for never giving up when faced with very difficult circumstances. 



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