Bring Back Summertime
Jeanne Starr Gater    
CD Baby Bring Back Summertime Orchestration

KUDOS:  The spectacular Bring Back Summertime Orchestration ... beautiful music for all seasons!    (music download link)

Album Notes

Whatever your summertime, Bring Back Summertime will take you there! The melodies from this 36-piece orchestration features seasoned musicians from Detroit's Motor City who are again setting new standards for musical excellence and creativity for the world. "That's my song!" "It's so soothing and pretty!" "The music gives me chills!" These are just some of the comments we've heard from listeners.The inspiring mood of the music makes you want to dance and believe that the world can be your oyster as you reach for the stars and believe again in your dreams.The triumphant sounds of this masterful song were born through award-winning composer, Dana Gress, who was able to capture the vision of lyricist and author, Jeanne Starr Gater, when preparing the score for her Bring Back Summertime Film Project. The music, like the movie, heralding triumph over tragedy will resonate with people from all walks of life. This compelling orchestration will intrigue, relax and inspire listeners who will step and dance to the rhythm and soothing sounds that Bring Back Summertime commands. The Bring Back Summertime Orchestration is a timeless song for all seasons, and for those who want to relive their own special memories. As the song's Music Supervisor, Donnie Lewis, stated: "If you're a lover of music, you will fall in love with Bring Back Summertime!"